Monday, April 16, 2012


found this website today. yay!


After a long stretch of alienation and boredom and a few amazing conversations with a couple incredible people, some more energy was found and Dirty Bird was born. There is no such thing as punk enough, cool enough, queer enough or hardcore enough. We are as strong as our bonds with each other and these imposed hierarchies in our communities work towards alienation  instead of the support and inclusion we need.
Dirty bird seeks to provide visibility for those writing/making art or music who are marginalized in our largely straight white cys male scenes. While it is acknowledged that a distro is a small drop in the ocean of work we have to do to make our scenes/spaces/relationships safer, more inclusive and loving; making room for us to gain empowerment from one another is maybe one step closer towards that.
Dirty Bird is run by a white genderqueer sex working cys femme from sydney, australia whos just realized they are really busy and has since decided that this will be a long term project. This distro is still relatively new with big dreams and a somewhat short catalog that will hopefully grow. Please get in touch if u have recommendations for stuff to carry or if u would like to trade/sell me some of ur stuff!

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