Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

check it.

thanks to alison who wrote this review at boston hassle:

There’s that new, cool thing where a bunch of girls get together and get really weird and have seances and ouija their songs lyrics and only listen to Sisters of Mercy and The Pandoras for like 4-6 weeks straight and start wearing purple lipstick on one lip and black on the other and just sort of have all their shit figured out for a brief moment in their lives. Maybe the line is becoming more defined because way more girls have picked up on it, but Trophy Wife totally have their collective shit together. Their label says the Philadelphia band sound something like a civil war era punk band, but they go one step further. They pick up on the crucial next step in pop music. The past few years has sort of been a shit-show — witch-house, chillwave, dub-gaze — and Trophy Wife seems to understand what needs to come next. They’re a more vicious Grimes, or a more intense Mika Miko, but they move beyond comparisons. Disjointed, freakish but so cohesive, they deprive the listener in an controlled way.  They’re not exactly extremists, but they’re here to ween us off of the tepid pop we’ve been exposed to, while moving us in a new and exciting direction.
-Alison K

mini tour and record release!

Trophy Wife is releasing its second record, Sing What Scares You, on 307Knox Records and our own new imprint, Meet Your Adversary Records. Official release date is July 10 and we are doing some shows with our friends LOZEN, a great duo from the pacific NW featuring Hozoji from Helms Alee. Here are details:

july 4 - DC potluck with southern problems, lozen, trophy wife, hugh mcelroy 1223 decatur st 2pm potluck
july 5 - Philadelphia at Philamoca with lozen, trophy wife, erode and disappear and XanaX
july 6 - New York City at Cake Shop with BELLS, lozen, trophy wife and cycles
july 7 - Providence at building 16 w/ Lozen, Whore Paint, Cave of Colors 9pm
july 8 - Baltimore at Charm City Art Space 10th anniversary with Lozen and more