Sunday, September 25, 2011

john cage- how to get started

I did a project modeled after John Cage's "How to Get Started" piece about our band. I chose ten words to describe my collaborative creative process and relationship with Diane. Discussion on those themes is layered on top of each other, as Cage did, on the subject of how one gets started in the creative process. I wanted to share it here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

new record

so my band is going to the studio this weekend to make our second record. well, we're starting the process. at this moment, im feeling the weight of expectations, for which im totally responsible... but it also does come from hoping we make something exciting, relevant and interesting, something that contributes to cultural creation in general but also to culture in the context of social change.

for me, recording is exciting and cathartic. at the end there will be this tangible object- thoughts, emotions and heart embodied in something that i can hold in my hands. but the birthing process is demanding and intense and in the middle of it i wonder if its all worth it. for katy and i, our songs are very wrapped up in our separate and mutual emotional, physical and mental struggles so that while recording, there is a reliving of all the shit we've navigated by writing these songs; its impossible not to unearth some of what we have buried in them. there is also this desire to have one of the more permanent manifestations of all that struggle and intensity and growth be what you want it to be, to sound like you want it to. to be a good representation of where and what it comes from. i guess thats why we named the record sing what scares you.