Monday, September 7, 2015

New songs from Trophy Wife!

Hey everyone! We've been on a bit of a break these past few months, but we have some new songs to share. We recorded these two tracks in the late winter of 2015 with our friend Dan Morse. Our friend Devin Ocampo mastered them, and we glad to have them out in the world.

The song "Body Camera" is something we wrote in response to the killing of Eric Garner and countless other shootings of unarmed people of color by police. We remain inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and want to be part of working towards a world that is more just. Thank you for taking time to check these out.

We'll be back in the world soon, but until then we hope you will check these out.

Tracks are here and also on all other digital outlets (iTunes, Spotify, emusic, etc. - just search Trophy Wife Body Camera/Where is North ep).