Sunday, December 12, 2010

local show added

we're playing a philadelphia show before heading off on tour.

december 14. germ books. frankford and norris, fishtown. slutever. cat vet. trophy wife. shows at 8pm.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

one day

have you heard about the controversy in dc over the david wojnarowicz video? please look it up, if not.

and then look at this work he did.

maybe if people looked at this, they'd understand where the hell he is coming from and be outraged by the removal of his video from the smithsonian if they unfortunately weren't already.

Monday, December 6, 2010

resist psychic death

i think we just played one of my favorite shows ever. i feel so lucky that we were asked to participate. it was a benefit for the organization Support NY. Don't know em? CHECK THEM OUT please here. We played with lots of really rad folks and the space felt very special. thanks to the peeps that came out and to the manifesta loft and to support new york. so much love...

we are going on tour next week. Details of all the shows will be up soon.

also katy and i are really honored to have been asked to play a few reunion shows happening in January. First we'll be doing two shows with Universal Order of Armageddon in New York and Philly.
January 21 • Cake Shop
January 23 • the Barbary

Then on January 27 we are playing with Dismemberment Plan here in Philly! At the starlight ballroom. I think my mom is coming to the show. it'll be the first time she has seen my band. it means a lot to me that she will be there. especially since the first time she heard my band she started cracking up and never asked to listen again! hope i make you proud maman.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for my friend

my hands trace the lines of your body
full of (life) skin heavily revealed
curved pencil lines reproduce
your arms your back your chest your thighs
with each body part that awakens
my heart beats a little faster, races
and one more year of pain and desperation
becomes my history
this drawing makes me forget
the bones and points of the girls on stage
who i saw break your heart

sing what scares you
draw what heals you

Friday, October 1, 2010

sing out and go bravely forward

so it turns out i like using this page more than myspace. is it just me or is myspace kind of confusing to use? not sure if people look at this. but thought id write a little note anyway.

we are playing two shows this month (october); check out the upcoming shows section to the right. then we'll be taking november off to write more new songs! we'll be playing one of the new ones this weekend at the show at the marvelous. im pretty excited about it. its called "the gunpowder is at your house". we also will be playing an alternate version of our song cat and dog in memory of Tyler Clementi, the young gay man from Rutgers University, who committed suicide shortly after a video of him in bed with another person was streamed by his roommate over the internet. cat and dog was written when i came out; i was struggling to understand how my sexuality could actually affect the way people felt about me. we dont play it quite as much any more but with some new words in the verses, it feels very relevant to the times.

it was not for you, not for you, not for you. it was not for you, not for you, not for you.

welp drop a line if you ever want to get in touch. our email address is

also we have a new record that we put out on 307 knox records. it is HERE.

also some folks have written some nice things about our new record. it feels really amazing to know that people have listened to it and are excited about what katy and i are doing. so for people who have supported our band, written about it, come to shows, bought a record or shirt, thank you. xoxo

here are some:

Sadie Magazine
Low Camp Books and Records
Star Beat Music
Korrupt Yr Self

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


we are back from tour but playing a few shows this weekend!

THURSDAY: we are playing at the baltimore indy music and arts fest at the windup space. 12 w north street b'more, md

FRIDAY: we are playing a lunchtime performance at willie mae rock camp for girls in NYC

FRIDAY NIGHT: show w/ the feverfew and sparta philharmonic at Wildflower cafe in Bethlehem, PA

ps on my bikeride to work i pass a mural in west philly that says, "i am large. i contain multitudes" for realz.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my space

we now have a my space page

we'll be putting up tracks from our record up soon. yay.