Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for my friend

my hands trace the lines of your body
full of (life) skin heavily revealed
curved pencil lines reproduce
your arms your back your chest your thighs
with each body part that awakens
my heart beats a little faster, races
and one more year of pain and desperation
becomes my history
this drawing makes me forget
the bones and points of the girls on stage
who i saw break your heart

sing what scares you
draw what heals you


Anonymous said...

Hey Diane,

Hope all is well. Looks like I probably cant make any of the dates on the Southern Saviors tour. Hopefully DC. We shall see.

Beautiful poem. "One more year of pain and desperation becomes my history". Damn. That's good.

- Elliott

Leigh said...

Your friend is lucky for you.

Erica R said...

I enjoyed readinng this