Monday, November 7, 2011


so my birthday is coming up. and it made me think of this thing i wrote for someone on their 33rd birthday. thought id share.

33 you are
woman child cub
like the record
33 times around
like the music
to make sound
fingertips feel 33 years
of raw life
a year as a record
of an event
of fall winter
spring summer
one time around
oh how much sound
explodes into the air
into open arms yet
sometimes on deaf ears
so it bounces back hard
hurts but reminds
you of you
save some sound for you
as a salve
on tired bursting heart
and cracked worn fingers
mother to sound and thought
painful delirious birth
33 times around
sing your desire
for then you will
sing your life
fully wholly in its possibility

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